Wine is one of man’s oldest inventions. It’s been enjoyed since time immemorial, getting people together for celebrations and commemorating special occasions. Over the years, wine has evolved to a level where it’s an art form. Today, when you think about a romantic setting, there is usually some wine in the picture and as Valentine’s Day approaches, we are all thinking about loved ones sitting together, enjoying a nice meal and of course, having a bottle of wine at the ready to keep the conversation going. Wine is a must-have if you are looking for a special Valentine’s Day and here’s why:

On Valentine’s Day, everyone likes to feel special and loved. On any regular day, you’ll find people drinking beers or a couple of cocktails with friends, just to have a little fun and unwind. However, on Valentine’s Day when you spot two people having wine in an intimate setting, you may instantly feel like they are celebrating this special occasion.

Some of the most popular wines for Valentine’s Day tend to be red wines and include:

●Cabernet Sauvignon
●Pinot Noir

Drop It® Can Help Beat Your Wine Headache

There are those that don’t partake in the celebration of Valentine’s day with a glass of wine. They love wine, but the wine does not love them back. Some people find themselves asking “why does wine give me a headache?” Many wine lovers experience themselves waking up with “wine hangover,” more commonly referred to as “red wine headache.” If this sounds like you, you might be a sensitivity to the tannins and sulfites that naturally occur or are added to as preservatives in wine. We’ve got you covered with Drop It®! Drop It® is formulated to naturally reduce the sulfites and tannins in red, white, and sparkling wine with a simple drop. Add it to your glass or bottle of wine and experience a Valentine’s Day full of all the romance and none of that pesky wine headache! Love on, lovers!