Reduce the Wine Headache.

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Drop It® In The Cart


Give it a smoother texture with the same great taste.


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Drop the Headache

Go ahead and enjoy that glass of wine with friends and family without the headache. Drop It is the only all natural product on the market that reduces both Tannins and Sulfites in wine. Drop It is completely portable so just add a few drops to your favorite glass or bottle of red, white or sparkling wine for a more enjoyable experience.

Only product that reduces both tannins and sulfites in red, white and sparkling wine verified by a reputable wine laboratory in Napa Valley.

Does not alter the taste of your favorite wine and provides a smoother texture to a younger astringent red.

All natural, FDA GRAS approved ingredients, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free and KETO Friendly product.

Completely portable and discreet to enjoy wine anywhere.

What Makes
Drop It® Unique

We target the tannins in wines which are known to cause headaches just as sulfites may do. Tannins come primarily from the grape skin, seeds and stems of the vine. The amount of tannins found naturally in grapes varies depending on the variety. Oak barrels can also be known to be an additional source of tannins.

Tannins also causes the astringency of wines, or the tactile drying sensation and sense of bitterness that can be experienced. Drop It has been laboratory tested and verified in Napa Valley. Even if you don’t get wine headaches, It will create a smoother less astringent taste to your favorite red wine.


Drop It® for Wine Tastings

Wine Festivals, Vineyard Tours & Tastings

Drop It Black Label is perfect for the smaller 1-2 oz tasting pour at gourmet wine shops, wineries and festivals.

Each 10 ml bottle:

  • Is good for approximately 300 wine tasting pours
  • Only 1 drop per tasting pour is needed
  • Is less concentrated for smaller pours than Drop It Original White Label
  • Drop It Black Label contents will not appear full in the container

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