Frequently Asked Questions

Is Drop It Safe to Use?

Drop It® is made of all natural FDA approved ingredients. Drop It is gluten free, non-GMO, dairy free, soy free and contains no artificial colors or sweeteners. Drops for you Hops is Vegan Friendly.


How Does Drop It Reduce Sulfites?

Drop It will combine with the free sulfites and convert them to harmless sulfates. This may create small clear flakes in a wine high in sulfites. They will not be noticeable to the tongue or palate.

How Does Drop It Reduce Tannins?

Drop It® contains a natural protein that will bind to some of the Polyphenols (tannin’s) found in higher concentrations in young red wines and beers. This may create a small amount of sediment in a wine high in tannins.


How Do I Use Drop It?

Drop It® can be adjusted to your taste, severity of adverse events or size of glass of wine or beer. Recommendations are 1-2 drops for a 6 oz glass of white or sparkling wine and 2-3 drops for a 6 oz glass of red wine. It is not recommended to add more than 4 drops to a 6 oz glass. For your beer, add 3-4 Drops per 12-ounce glass or bottle. Adding more than 4 drops may change the flavor. Always swirl the glass for about 20 seconds after adding the drops. We call this Drop It® Swirl.

Can You Treat an Entire Bottle of Wine With Drop It?

Drop It can treat an entire bottle of wine. It is suggested to add 5-6 drops to a white or sparkling wine. Adding 7-9 drops is suggested for a bottle of Red Wine. Always recap the bottle after adding the drops and gently shake the contents.


Does Drop It Reduce Astringency?

Drop It can reduce the astringency in some young red wines.


What Wines and Beers Can Drop It Be Used In?

Drop It wine drops can be used in all red, white and sparkling wines. Drops for your Hops can be used in all beers!

Will Drop It Change the Flavor of the Wine?

Drop It will not change the flavor of the wine if directions are followed.


How Can Drop It Be Stored?

Drop It is in a small convenient bottle that can easily fit into a purse or pocket. Drop It should be kept out of direct sunlight and high heat.


What About Using Drop It at Wine Tastings?

Drop It for Tastings (Black Label) is meant for the smaller 1-2 oz pour given for tasting at vineyards, wine shops, and wine festivals. Each tasting requires 1 drop per tasting

Is it safe to consume peroxide?

Yes We use only food grade hydrogen peroxide. There is a very small portion in each drop. You probably ingest more while brushing your teeth with a toothpaste that contains whitener.


Why cant I get Drop It my local store?

Drop It is currently available at locations around the country in small stores. If you have a favorite boutique or gourmet wine and food store near you, let us know and we will reach out to them. You are always welcome to suggest they reach out to us. This is how we have developed most of our current locations. We are working very hard to make it more available at larger retailers.

Does Drop It need to be refrigerated?

No it does not need to be refrigerated. For the best shelf life Drop It® should be stored out of direct sunlight or in high heat or in extreme cold temperatures.


What happens if you consume the small precipitant particles left in the glass?

The tannins may precipitate to the bottom of the glass. They have protein now bound to them which is why they precipitate out. The sulfites may sometimes either be clear or whitish crystals. You should not notice them on your palate. You can either consume them or discard the wine at the bottom of the glass. If you see lots of particulates it means your Drop It is doing its very best to treat a wine very high in sulfites or tannins.