Jenny Corcoran – Founder and CEO of WineRX producers of Drop It®

I thought all our loyal customers and how the COVID-19 virus may be impacting so many of all of you. I thought it was a good time for us to say a little bit about ourselves in this BLOG. It’s our way of bringing us a little bit closer to all of you as we all deal with the various ways, we are all being impacted. We are a small family owned business and we understand very much what most of us in America are experiencing right now. As the CEO of our company, I am doing my very best to keep up the hours of employment for my much appreciated employees. They all give it 100% so that we can keep up supply to those that really do need our product Drop It® to enjoy a glass of wine. I think it is still very important to be able to continue to enjoy even the small things during these difficult times…like a glass of wine. We have had so many wonderful stories from all of you over the past 3 years. At this time, I would like you to write us some of what you and your family are doing to get through the challenges that you are experiencing. Please write to us. We would like to post some of those emails in our next BLOG. We know finances can be a little tight. At this time and we have offered a free bottle with every order of 2 bottles. With the code “staycation”. Hopefully that extra bottle will be part of curbing an expense for you. Its also a way for me to keep my employees busy and paid.

So, a little bit about me. I started this company in 2016 out of a basic need that I had. I really could not drink a single glass of wine without the worst headache. I am the proud Mom of four children who are now wonderful accomplished adults. I became a Grandmother in the last year of a beautiful granddaughter and the cutest grandson. I love walking on the beach in the small little town in Virginia of 1,000 people that I live in. I have a real interest in restoration of old homes. My kids put up with a lot of dust growing up. I grew up as an Airforce brat and lived in many states throughout this beautiful country that I am so very proud of. To curb my expenses, I bought a frost and tip last week, in the event my salon closed. It closed… Memories came back of how painful it was to pull my hair through that cap! Share what you have been doing differently with us and we will post your stories in our next BLOG. My email I would love to hear from you.

Jan – VP of National accounts

As an employee of WinerRX the makers of Drop It®, I am proud to be working for this fine company. Drop It® is a truly great product for this time as more people stay at home to socially distance. While Drop It® can be used discreetly in restaurants, at home, the ease of use is so important, and my friends and family have spent a lot of time at home using Drop It®. I have also been cooking so much more and eating in more. We are looking at the news consistently and of course there are many messages which are concerning and frankly we do not know what to follow.

Mostly I am looking for toilet paper. I bet all our readers are too. I have been attending to business and also trying to get some exercise when possible although it has been rainy in Georgia. Stay safe.

Colin – Director of Marketing and Operations

As the Director of Marketing and Operations, I love my job with WineRX and the team that I get to work with, although it’s easy to get teased in the office being the only guy. I only just recently moved to North Carolina to be closer to our office where I had previously been working remotely from Upstate NY while I was also coaching lacrosse. My timing of moving was pretty lucky since now I can at least spend my time working from home out in the back yard where its sunny and warm; I definitely could not be doing that in Rochester, NY this time of year. Other than where I am physically working, not much has changed for me except that I’ve been doing much more cooking recently. The one thing I will say that I miss the most is having sports to watch on TV. March was always my favorite time of the year for sports as we had March Madness and the start of lacrosse season. Sadly, those seasons were both ended early, instead however, it’s given me more time to be outside and I have been able to do plenty of Bike Riding to explore the new area. Stay safe and enjoy your Drop It®

Courtney – PR Manager

I’ve been using this time to go on more walks with my dog than even he wants! Also, I’ve finished two puzzles, read three books, colored an entire coloring book, and have learned how to make Coq au Vin! Cheers, y’all!

Sarah – Senior Production Specialist
Alice – Production Specialist

Hey my name is Alice. During this time I’m using this time to plant flowers in my yard. Hoping to brighten somebody’s day when they drive by. I have been trying to stay away from shopping on Sarah is also my daughter, which makes it fun to go to work and spend time with her!

Beverly – Production Specialist

I am a mom of 3, 4 if you count my husband, with 2 not living at home. Nothing has changed much for me during this time with the Pandemic going on except that hours at work has shortened some. Having to social distance myself, makes a perfect time for me to get some small projects completed at home. And during some down time, I will concentrate on taking walks on pretty days to get some vitamin D and to keep myself healthy. Sarah and I are also co-workers in the health care industry. So we are pretty good at working together on the production line!

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little about us and how we are spending our time during this crisis, we would love to hear from you. How are you spending your days and managing this new routine? Are you on the frontline as a healthcare professional or behind the scenes as a grocery store worker? Are you now working from home and helping your kids with school?

This situation is stressful and draining on all of us. While there are physical health benefits associated with drinking wine, wine can also improve your emotional well-being. Drop It® wine filter drops can help you enjoy it without the wine headache.Drop It® is formulated to naturally reduce the sulfites and tannins in red, white and sparkling wine with a simple drop. Add it to your glass or bottle of wine and grab a book or call and catch up with an old friend. From those of us here at Drop It®, STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY, and enjoy your “staycation” with your family.