The Year is winding down and coming to an end, but with that also comes the holiday season! This time of the year we are always reminded of all the wonderful things we are thankful for. Here at WineRX we are extremely thankful to all our amazing customers each and every day! As you may or may not know, Drop It® was created by Jennifer Corcoran after years of being unable to drink even a small amount of wine without a horrible wine headache from the sulfites and tannins which occur naturally and sometimes are added as preservatives due to FDA regulations. After trying many different solutions over those years, she finally found the right one and was able to enjoy wine again herself! Shortly following, many of her friends began to ask her what she was doing with her wine, and they all wanted to try some of her new concoction! Over and over again, Jennifer would be making extra of what she now labeled Drop It® with a permanent marker on a cleaned-out eye dropper bottle and giving it out to her friends. Quickly she realized that her issue with wine was a much larger issue with the general population, as she was being asked about it everywhere she went. After long testing in labs in Napa Valley, CA, multiple licenses, and countless trials of different packaging, Drop It® as we know it was born! For the next couple of years, we spent numerous weekends traveling to different festivals and trade shows selling our products to individual consumers. Since then, we have grown to have our products in many stores from Gull-Hummock Gourmet Market in Cape Charles, VA, to Kroger, Walmart, Jungle-Jim’s and Homeland Stores (Look for us in a Harris Teeter near you soon!). We could not have done this all without the amazing support from all our customers and for that we want to offer you a coupon code “loyal” for 10% off to use on ANY order on this site only. This can even be used on top of other coupons such as “BLACKFRIDAY21” which is good for 20% off and a FREE bottle until 11/27/2021!

Drop It Holiday Bundle


Do you have a wine lover in your family, and you still are looking for a fun and unique gift this holiday season? Check out our Holiday Gift Bundle! This Gift bundle includes:

– 4 bottles of Drop It® Sulfite and Tannin Reducer for Wine Original

– 2 bottles of Drop It® Sulfite and Tannin Reducer for Wine for Tastings and Festivals

– 2 Drop It® Custom Stemless wine glasses

– 1 Drop It® Custom Backpack cooler.

At a value of over $115, you can have this for $84.99, and don’t forget about your coupon code “loyal” for 10% off! Whether the Holiday Gift Bundle is for you or not, we always offer gift wrapping on all orders! Drop It® makes for a great stocking stuffer or tie it to a bottle of wine for a gift at a holiday dinner party! Drop It® is the only all-natural, keto friendly, dairy free, soy free, gluten free, FDA GRAS approved ingredients product on the market that reduces sulfites, tannins and histamines in wine! Need a gift idea to go with Drop It®? Check out Settlers Spiced wine, also made right here in the great state of Virginia! It is great plain, with hot cider, or check out their site for some yummy recipes to go along with it! Drop It® is also thankful for all the talented wine makers out there, bringing us a variety of wines made from the best grapes they can offer!

Drop those awful wine headaches and other adverse reactions such as indigestions, flushed face, and congestion with Drop It® Wine Drops, the ONLY sulfite and tannin reducer! It is easy, discreet, portable and much more cost effective than those bulky filter devices and wands that only treat sulfites and are single use! Drop It® will treat up to 55 glasses of wine or 7-9 bottles with just a single bottle of Drop It®! Drop the headache, enjoy the wine!

Happy Holidays from all of us at WineRX!