Here at Drop It® we are so lucky to have such amazing partners and customers! One partner we would like to spotlight this month is Jenna Leveille of Getting Closer Every Day!

Jenna Leveille has shared her weight loss story in the hopes of helping others who were struggling and founded the free community Getting Closer Every Day.  Jenna wanted to offer support where people felt safe and encouraged during their journey.  After being pregnant with her daughter, she had trouble losing weight and started crash dieting.  That yo-yo dieting led her to be stuck for over 13 years.  When Jenna finally decided to dedicate more time to herself and was accountable, that’s when she lost 140lbs. Jenna’s life began to change in significant ways and was working with the Women’s Health Magazine Influencer program and learned how to work with companies on social media and beyond.  Not wanting to be known for every product and spamming her network, Jenna decided to build her program on that would offer her favorite companies and have one place for everyone to find her deals on wellness beyond social media.


Jenna wants everyone to know that when you work hard and dig deep that you have the power to change your life! You don’t have to journey alone! Whether you are trying to lose weight, get a better job, be more confident, or just trying to live the happiest life, you can get closer and closer every day with community support, wellness tools, and human kindness.  

GCE is everything wellness for anyone!  We have teamed up with the best products, services, and retreat getaways that offer significant discounts for our community.  To take advantage of these offerings, go to our getaway and partners pages and use our dedicated links and promo codes.

Join the movement and platform today, and check out our AMAZING partners today!

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