Summer is in full swing. We have all spent our share of staying at home for several months. Summer and a glass of wine can still be enjoyed while practicing safety measures as we get through the COVID-19 virus. Many people spend there summers relaxing in the coolness of a lake surrounded by majestic mountains. Some of us go camping and hike through the foothills. There is also nothing like not having to pack up and drive. Create a staycation in your own backyard and fill the kiddie pool. My favorite is the beach. I love to feel the sand beneath my toes and look around at all the wonderful colors of the beach umbrellas touching the beach blue sky. Hearing children laugh in delight as the waves splash all around them in a bit of salty foam. Then there is our time to relax as the sun sets in its big fiery orange ball on a purple cloud filled horizon. This is my wine time.  I want to throw out a shout to some of my favorite stores that carry our Drop It®. You can find our product Drop It® in some of the wonderful shops located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina also known as OBX. The first stop is on your way. Filling up with some gas and fun beach snacks at the Border Station. Half of this store is in Virginia and the other in North Carolina as you head through Currituck to get to the beach. Stop for a wine tasting at Sanctuary Vineyards. They have a beautiful Tasting room that is sure to pleasure the palate.  Grab a couple of bottles of wine from their wonderful selection. You will be glad you bought your wine as you are prepared for your first sunset on the beach. We all need to get our supply of deli meats, wine and snacks. Wee Winks carries everything from a bottle of sun lotion to a nice bottle of wine. Looking for some great summer salads and a chilled bottle for your short-day trip? Tommy’s Natural Foods is the place to go. You also can’t pass up any of the fabulous Cotton Gin stores. They have such a wonderful selection of anything classic beach. They offer daily wine tastings and Drop It® can be found near the tasting counter!  Moving along the Outer Banks. Chip’s Wine, Beer and Cigars has that neighborhood beach feel. They are always welcoming and have a fine selection of Wine and Beer fit for any great vacation. They can even show you how to do the Drop It® swirl. At last there is the Outer Banks Olive Oil Co. They have an exquisite wine and beer selection. You may also find a tempting cigar. The selection of Olive oils will make your summer favorites even better.

Let us know if you would like to have Drop It® available at any of your favorite stores where you vacation. We would also like to hear if you have taken Drop It® on any of your vacations. Drop It® is perfect to take with you anywhere. Drop It is the only all-natural sulfite and tannin reducer for wine. No one wants to ruin a vacation by having headache after trying to enjoy that one glass of wine. Drop It® is portable and discreet. Each bottle treats up to 55 glasses of wine or 7-9 bottles of wine. So, don’t pack that beach bag or suitcase without having it. If you do not have Drop It® and you are vacationing on the Outer Banks, you can purchase a bottle at any of the locations listed above. If you are planning a staycation, look for a local store on our store locator. You can always order from our online store at