According to recent rumblings in the wine world, increased cultivation of thousands of acres of new vines and improved harvesting methods has created a surplus in grapes! As such, we can expect the best wine prices of the last 20 years. Even with this exciting news, many folks aren’t enjoying the wine that they want to for a number of reasons and wine hangovers and wine headaches are at the top of the list. At Drop It®, we are encouraging you to take advantage of this surplus and are here to help explore all kinds of wine related fun.

What Is in Your Wine?

All wine, whether red, white, or sparkling, is a perishable product and the tannins in the wine are a natural protector against souring. However, they can contribute to a less than enjoyable experience for some. These natural byproducts are also often the reason your wine will taste especially bitter and cause your mouth to feel dry. Tannins in wine are the result of fermenting grape skin, seeds, and stems. The process of aging wine in oak barrels also contributes to the tannin content. Tannins are especially prevalent in red wines.
Because wine is perishable, vineyards in America are required by the FDA to include sulphites in wine. A lot of people often wonder, “What are sulphites/sulfites?” Sulphites are used by winemakers to preserve the freshness of their product. Sulphites also contribute to the antioxidant properties of wine. Unfortunately, the notorious wine hangover and wine headache are very frequently attributed to the tannins and sulphites in wine. Approximately 1% of people suffer from a sulphite allergy, which contributes to the “red wine migraine”. There are very few wines produced without these products.

How Drop It® Can Help

At Drop It®, we are very excited to help you take advantage of the wine surplus! At anywhere from 20-60 cents a glass, we are pleased to show you how to enjoy wine. We have created a liquid alternative to a wine filter to increase the enjoyment of your favorite variety, without the dreaded wine headache. These drops can be used in red, white, and sparkling wines. Our all-natural product comes in two varieties, for daily use as well a drop formulated for the smaller pour size that you might get at wine tastings and festivals.

Drop It® works in less than a minute (twenty seconds to be exact), and the bottle is small enough to fit in a purse or pocket. Our drops are soy, gluten, and dairy free, ensuring that you can enjoy your wine regardless of most dietary restrictions. Only a few drops of our FDA GRAS approved product help to reduce the tannins and sulphites in wine, without taking away from the taste you know and love. While this product cannot save you from the after-effects of over-imbibing, we love that it neutralizes those tannins and sulphites!

One of our bottles contains 10mL of Drop It® and can be used to treat up to 55 glasses of wine! With the wine surplus looming and our very affordable solution to wine headaches, now is the time to take advantage of the best prices in years. Our fabulous drops can be found online, as well as in your favorite boutique wine shop (and if they don’t carry Drop It®, let them know how much you wish they did! We’d be delighted to welcome them to our ever-growing family of brick and mortar stores that are selling Drop It®)!