It’s party time, and you’re looking forward to receiving a wine bottle as a gift from
your friend, or you yourself will be offering one or several to your friends. While cabernet is
a classic present and gift for the wine-obsessed, having another bottle for yourself doesn’t do
harm, at least you will have something to end the season with. That being said, if
you want to change things up a bit and get your friends something different and
unique, you can consider these wine-themed gifts they may never have expected to

Drop It
Have you ever experienced a headache the following day after taking wine or spirit?
It has happened to most of us. And you may ask why does wine give me a
headache? The reason is because of the tannins in the wine or sulfites in wine. But
you can reduce those substances by using a wine filter.
Drop It is a revolutionary product that will let the headache go and ensure you enjoy
your wine with family and friends. It’s an all-natural product used to reduce sulfites
and tannins in the wine. The product is portable meaning you can take it with you
wherever you go. Adding a few drops to your bottle or glass of sparkling, white, or
red wine allows you to have a more enjoyable experience. It is a perfect gift you can
take along with a wine bottle or a wine club subscription to your friends and family.
Drop It will help you deal with wine hangover and wine headaches.

Wine-Infused Salts
You can match your wine with finishing salt. Whether you have a sip of Pinot,
Chardonnay or Rose, these salts are a perfect choice. The finishing salts are a great
wine pairing item that you can offer as a gift to your friends.

Wine Subscription
Instead of having to send your friends a bottle of wine, why not gift them a wine club.
Winc gives you an opportunity to subscribe to a wine club that enables you
to have wine bottles sent to your dinner parties. The bottle of your choice will already have
been sent by Winc, there will be no need to bring one with you. Winc offers tastes of
adventurous old and new wines that you can sample out at your party. You can learn your
palette with an offer or you can gather more information from the wine bottles you receive so
that next time, you can request something new or exciting.

Personalized Wine Decanter
If you want something special for your partner or friend, a personalized wine
decanter comes in handy as your perfect gift item. With this tool, you can aerate an
entire bottle to give you the ideal taste that you want in a wine. Try it and see how
your friends will love it!

Wine Journal
Many people would want to learn more about wines. It’s an exciting experience to
discover what makes wines different from each other. For the serious wine
enthusiast, the wine journal is a good companion. It is divided into different sections
including sparkling wines, fortified or sweet wines, white rose, red wines, and spirits.
You can take notes about your favorite wine, rose, or spirit.