All of us have made a lot of changes in the last 2 months. The COVID 19 virus has kept many of us at home either with our loved ones 24/7 or without any of our loved ones 24/7. While being in a house with your family may bring its challenges, it will probably provide you with experiences you will cherish and talk about for many years to come. They are the memories and moments you may have never had. It’s been a time to sit back at the end of each day and reflect with a glass of wine in hand. It is a time to toast to yourself or with your partner to the tasks, hardships, laughs or thoughts about what tomorrow will bring. Those that have been isolated the most are those that have been the ones we have loved and made all of us who we are today. They are the older population that has been at home and away from all of us. They are the most vulnerable to the virus, but the most accomplished at getting through life. I received a call a few evenings ago from a woman named Sarah. Sarah is 85 years young. She had been alone for over 2 months in her home in California. She had called to let WineRX know about the wonderful change that Drop It® has made in her life. My first thought was how could we possibly be making her life better at such a difficult time. She proceeded to talk about how much she loved having her glass of wine every evening. It was her way of toasting herself at the end of the day. She talked about her lovely garden that brought such joy to her hours of solitude. We laughed about all the frozen dinners she had to use because her freezer had decided to go on the fritz. Thankfully, a new one was on its way. She said her glass of wine would make her dinner seem a little more fancy coming out of the box. She talked about her children and how much she missed seeing them. She talked about her youth. She thought she deserved a glass of wine when her heart missed her late husband at the end of the day. As we talked, I thought she simply was thanking me for creating Drop It® because she could still enjoy her glass of wine. It was more than that. She referenced very severe debilitating cramps every night in her feet. They were so painful and kept her from sleeping. Her doctor had narrowed it down to her glass of wine and the possibility of a reaction to the preservative in wine. Sarah did not want to give up her nightly cap at the end of her day with her glass of wine. She researched a solution and came upon our product Drop It®. To her amazement the painful cramping stopped when she added the Drop It® to her wine. She was so excited, that she took the time to make the call and let us know how wonderful our product was and how much it meant to her. We appreciate so many of the thankful calls, letters and reviews we get. I am so glad I answered the call into the late hours that day. Hearing from Sarah brought me one of my happy memories during this time. As a matter of fact, Sara and I shared a glass of wine while on the phone for an hour. I would like all of you reading this BlOG who use Drop It® , to raise your glass this evening. Give a toast to Sarah and the many like her that are alone at this time. Toast your loved ones young and old. This is the reason we smile and continue to work so hard to get our product out to everyone who needs it … especially those who want to celebrate the little things and the big things that life brings our way.