“I found Drop It® about four years ago. I love my cabernet sauvignon and I noticed in 2016 every time I drank it, I would start to sweat, my face would turn red and the sweating would last for several hours after I drank. It was flat awful. Especially when I was taking my Dad to dinner every Wednesday and we’d have cabernet with dinner. It was embarrassing.

I started doing some research about what could be causing my issue, because I’d never had a problem with it before. It was sulfites which exist both in red and white wine. I started looking for a solution and lo and behold, I found Drop It®. I made contact with Jennifer, President and CEO of Drop It® Wine.com. She was telling me all about her product which was in its infancy at the time and asked if I’d try it. I was game for anything to get some relief. Folks, this stuff just flat works! I put a few drops in a glass of my favorite cab, swirl for about 10 seconds, and it’s drinkable, no icky aftertaste and no altering of flavors within your favorite red or white. I’m sold on it and have been telling anyone who has issues with sulfites about it. You can even treat an entire bottle if you wish, and if you’re like me, who can stop at one nice glass of wine? (that’s just the warm-up). I put my seal of approval on this product. Tell your friends, share it with them. The proof is when you’re at a friend’s house, they won’t drink wine because of how it affects them and you pull that little bottle of Drop It® out of your handbag. You show your friends how it works, and voila, another satisfied customer.”

Celeste H.

Overland Park, Kansas

If you are like Celeste, you may be experiences one or multiple of the adverse reactions due to your sensitivity of intolerance to sulfites and tannins when drinking just a small amount of wine! Drop It® is the only all-natural, FDA GRAS approved product that that reduces BOTH the sulfites and tannins in all wine!