When it comes to foods or drinks which possess many numerous health benefits, there are few which offer more than wine. From heart health to better sleep to even improved cognitive ability, the grape is one of the most beneficial of nature’s offerings (not to mention the fact that it melts away stress and can make nearly any gathering more enjoyable).

There are also the drawbacks as well, as many people make note of. A lot of folks suffer from what they call a wine hangover. One reason for this feeling is the tannins in wine. The second reason is the sulfites in wine. Many people ask “what are sulfites in wine?” or “why does wine give me a headache?” The second question depends greatly on the average levels of sulfites in the wine you prefer.

Both sulfites and tannins have been known to induce some of the more unpleasant side effects of a glass of wine or two. But there are products, such as Drop It, which is the only all natural product on the market that reduces the presence and effects of a red wine migraine, which sometimes outweighs its otherwise highly beneficial advantages.

Now that we understand what causes some of the after-effects of enjoying our favorite beverage and we also know how to get rid of them, let’s look at the many benefits and fun aspects of this amazing nectar:

It Makes a Good Time Into a Great Time
There is nothing like enjoying time with those you care about over a meal, vacation, or night out on the town. And let’s be honest, when someone opens that first bottle of wine and that cork pops out, doesn’t everyone’s face light up just a little bit? That’s because wine makes for a merry heart, and who doesn’t want to lighten up and enjoy themselves after a long day or week? This is where Drop It can make sure everything stays fun and breezy without the sulfites in wine leading to a headache the next day.

Good for Overall Health
There may be no other drink on the planet (at least not of the fermented kind) that introduces so many physically healthy properties into one’s body. Heart and circulatory health, kidney and liver health, and brain health all show long term improvement with two to seven glasses per week.

Good for Emotional Wellbeing
It may surprise many of our readers to know that people who are on that same glass a day wine schedule are as much as 40% less likely to be diagnosed with depression or other similar mental or emotional health conditions.

Reduction of Multiple Cancer Risks
As if you needed any more reason to enjoy that daily glass or two of wine, simply knowing that the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer are all significantly lowered with a glass or two here and there throughout the week make it all the more sweet. And with Drop It you can be certain that you will only get all of the good stuff that comes with your favorite glass of red, white, or sparkling, and none of the bad!