Laura loves Drop It®

As a young company, we tend to spend most of our time educating others on Drop It® and the great benefits it has as an all-natural, sulfite and tannin reducer for wine. Many people experience adverse effects from drinking just a simple glass of wine or two, such as the terrible Red Wine Headache (also experienced in white wines and sparkling wines), flushed face, and indigestion just to name a few. Recently I ran into a wonderful customer of ours at a grocery store as she noticed the logo on my car and it was so awesome to see how Drop It® has grown into a recognizable brand.

It all started with landing a rock star parking space at the grocery store. You know that spot close to the door next to the curb, where no one can park on the left side of your car? I was on a recent run to gather my needs for a fun Summer weekend. Yes, included was a favorite bottle of red wine and white wine, as well as a nice crisp sparkling wine.  I had just started my journey out of the store and was close to getting into my car. Suddenly a car crept up with some impatience. As a matter of fact, the wheels did a nice little skip onto the curb. The sun was really bright, and the parking lot was unusually hot. The car window went down and from inside came an excited voice. “Is that your stuff? Is Drop It® your stuff?” I squinted into the bright sun with grocery bags in hand said “Well Yes” I had forgotten that my advertising magnets were strategically placed on my car door that read “Drop It®: Drop the headache, enjoy the wine!” and were now only visible from the side of the curb. Someone knew what my product was! Usually people see the signage and ask, “What is Drop It®?” You see now why I think this is rock star parking; wedged between two cars the magnets would not have been visible. I would have never gotten to know Laura.

Her car was cocked at strange angle up against the curb behind my car. She proceeded to introduce herself as Laura C. She quickly identified that Drop It® was the best thing to ever happen to her wine. She had purchased it at one of our many amazing stores in Chesapeake Virginia called the Hickory Trading Company. She was quick to add that she will not go anywhere without it! She recommends Drop It® to any of her friends that cannot enjoy a single glass of wine due to adverse events from sulfites and or tannins in wine.  We chatted for some time in the hot sun about her recent move from Chesapeake to the North Carolina area. We were both unaware of the little parking lot jam we were creating behind us. The truck on my right was trying to back out at the same time a car was backing out from the opposite row.  I had to be sure they did back into each other. I waived the truck down to stop backing up as the driver in the car pounded on their horn. Laura and I then laughed as we realized in our own little Drop It® world conversation we had no idea we were creating a real parking lot dilemma.

Laura now orders her Drop It® on our online store, Hopefully, she will enjoy the extra bottle we sent her. Laura has no idea how happy she made me that day in the parking lot. It has been a long road to making Drop It® widely available across the country and now in Canada and the UK! After talking to her it was a road worth traveling and we hope that so many of you can enjoy the simple pleasures of a beautiful class of wine!


Jenny Corcoran CEO and Founder, WineRx

P.S. Spot the drop it car and send us a picture for a free bottle!