Drop It for Wine Tastings and Festivals


Drop it for wine tastings and wine festivals is formulated for a 1 to 2 ounce pour.

Minimal order of 2 bottles at $10.99 each.

What can Drop It do for you, so that you can once again relax with a glass of wine?

  • Drop It will combine with the free sulfites and reduce the levels of SO2.
  • Drop It has a protein that will bind to the tannins in a way that is similar to fining.
  • Drop It can be fine tuned for you and with your wines of choice.
  • Drop It can reduce the astringency in your wine, found in young wines.
  • Drop It can be added to the glass or to the bottle.
  • Drop It can be used in red, white or sparkling wines.
  • Drop It will not change the flavor of the wine.
  • Drop It is in a small bottle that can easily fit into your purse or pocket.