For Someone Special on Valentines Day...Add to a Favorite Bottle of Wine

Directions for Drop It (white label) by the glass or bottle

** Drop It contents will not appear full. Each bottle contains 10ml of solution.** Gently shake the bottle of Drop It before each use. 

¨ Glass(6 oz) 

      White/Champagne or Sparkling: 1-2 drops into the glass and swirl for 20 seconds. May see small clear sediment in the glass in high sulfite wine

      Red: 2-3 drops into the glass and swirl for 20 seconds. May see some sediment in the glass in high tannic wine

¨ Bottle(770mL) 5-8 drops into the bottle. Re-cork the bottle and turn bottle upside down 2 times. Use within 24 hours.

¨ One bottle of  DROP ItTM  will treat up to 45-55 glasses of wine and 7-9 bottles of wine. The bottle contains10 ml of solution in a 15 ml bottle. The bottle is larger so that directions can easily be read and be easy to identify and locate.  .

¨ Amount of drops can be adjusted for personal use in the glass or the bottle

¨ Store out of direct sunlight and discard after 6 months.


Active Ingredients
´Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide
´Natural powder egg whites
´Sunflower Lecithin
´There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.
´It is GMO Free, Soy free, gluten free and Dairy Free