How Drop It Got Started

Have you ever noticed that you can easily get a headache when drinking wine? Since 1988, the FDA has required the addition of sulfites to wine in the United States. If you were to pour yourself a nice relaxing glass of wine in most other would probably not get a headache as easily. You can simply enjoy the wine. Tannins, which are very heavy in Red Wines, may also produce a headache. Tannins can also give a young wine that astringent or dry feeling as it hits your tongue. If you drink too much wine, you will probably get a headache.This is not a product that will reduce the affects of drinking too much wine. The best advice is to drink responsibly. Mine is the story of someone that could not drink wine for many years. Just a small amount of wine would produce a throbbing headache.  I wanted to enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long day, on an occasion with friends or a special night out. I started doing a little bit of research. Here is what I have found. Here is how I developed Drop It into to a patent pending product.

Sulfites, Tannins and Wine

There are very few wines that are made without some use of sulfites.  Wine is perishable and subject to legal storage conditions. It is estimated that up to 1% of the population has an increased sensitivity to sulfites. It is estimated that more than 1% will say they experience headaches and other symptoms. Wine makers also love tannin's. Tannins  occur naturally in wines and protect the wine. While some literature states that sulfites and tannins are not the reason for the headache. These ingredients are always in the mix of the research. Many people report getting a Red Wine Headache also known as RWH. In fact, Reds are usually lower in sulfites than Whites because the additional tannin's act as a natural antioxidant in Reds. Sulfite sensitivity can vary in degree, with one or more of a combination of symptoms. They are often enough to keep someone from enjoying a glass of wine to avoid the symptoms.

Why Choose Drop It

Other products on the market strictly target the sulfites in wines,  However, Drop It also targets the tannins in wines which are known to cause headaches just as sulfites may do. Tannins also causes the astringency of wines, or the tactile drying sensation and sense of bitterness they can leave in the mouth. Drop It has been laboratory tested by a laboratory in Napa Valley. The amount of tannins found naturally in grapes varies depending on the variety. Oak barrels can also be known to be an additional source of tannins. Many wine makers also add tannins to their wines. Even if you don't get a headache or a reaction of another symptom, It will create a smoother less astringent Red Wine. Drop It is now available in two strengths. Drop It for your glass or bottle of wine. This has a white label bottle of Drop It contains a concentrate  5 ml and can treat 55 glasses(5 oz)  a bottle of wine. Drop It for wine Tastings has the black label. Drop It for tasting is less concentrated and can be used at wine tastings at a Vineyard, a gourmet wine shop, or a wine festival for the 1-2 oz pour.

Average  Levels of Sulfites in Wine

  • White wines 210 ppm
  • Red wines 160 ppm
  • Rose or sweet wines 400 ppm

Average Poly Phenol (Tannins) Count

  • White wines 32 mg/100 ml
  • Red wines 216 mg/100 ml